What Would You Do If You Found A Lost Winning Ticket?

It’s the ultimate dilemma. You find a lottery ticket that turns out to be worth a huge amount, but you know that it was bought by someone else. Do you track down the owner, or cash in the winnings?

That’s exactly what happened to Andy Patel, a gas station employee from Kansas. Back in March, a customer came to him to get his three lottery tickets checked. However, it wasn’t until after the customer left that Andy realised that only two of the tickets were checked and the third one had been left on the counter.

Third Time's A Charm

He checked the third one anyway, only to discover that it was a winning ticket, with a prize of $1 million! Andy didn’t hesitate to contact his boss, Kal, and together they decided to track down the winner.

They didn’t know they had the winning ticket, so they never would have known if I hadn’t found them, but then you’d have to live through the guilt of that all your life.” Kal told the Telegram.

Luckily, the winner was a long-term customer and the pair of good Samaritans knew which neighbourhood he lived in. After trying, and failing, to determine which was his house from his vehicle, they were about to give up when they spotted him driving past – and the rest is history!

Kal is a believer in “good deeds” and said “It felt good to find it and then find them.” And it appears karma paid off, as they were awarded the Helping Hand from a local law firm, which comes with a $1,200 prize.

It may not be the $1 million they could have had, but can you put a price on a clear conscience? What would you have done if you were in their shoes? It's definitely one tough decision!

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