A €230 Million record breaking draw!

Now at €230 Million, the EuroMillions is turning heads with its record breaking draw and you can be in on the action here ➡️
While last Tuesday’s draw saw no jackpot winners, there were a few runner ups with 8 individuals sharing approximately €147K each as their lottery numbers had 5 matching numbers but only matching 1 star out of 2!
So close, yet so far.
Speaking of “so close, yet so far“ or near misses, here are some stories of people who had a few close shaves!

Politeness wins the day

A man from New Zealand found himself in an odd situation when queuing to buy a lottery ticket. During this wait, another man rudely cuts the line in front of him to buy a ticket. Our friend explained how he wasn’t in a hurry and decided to ignore the impoliteness. Our New Zealand friend would go on to win $1 million dollars that day and he insisted that good things happen to those that do good.

7 seconds away

The Canadian man in this story must have had all sorts of emotions on that day when he realised he’d missed out on a 27 Million dollar win! Ouch am I right! What happened is that our Canadian friend went to get his tickets sorted at the last minute, and regretfully out of the 2 tickets he purchased, the first was processed in time but the second missed the cut-off time by 7-seconds (we started hearing that old pop song too). Had he played with Jackpot.com, he wouldn't have even had to leave the house.

A British gentleman

One British gentleman was going through a few old things whilst spring cleaning and he decided to do something we say we’ll do but we put off for months - cleaning out our wallet or purse of all the old receipts and scraps of paper with Mrs Whatshernames number. One scrap of paper was an old lottery ticket, on a whim, he decided to check the numbers from that draw and found that he was holding the winning ticket to £51 million pounds! Here’s where the story becomes unbelievable; there were only 24 hours left before the ticket expired! Now that’s close - a quarter of hair’s width close!

Can you imagine being in any of these people’s shoes? I think we both know, whose you’d rather be in and whose you’d rather not! One of the above was a EuroMillions bet, but we won’t tell you which one, you’ll have to guess. Another thing you can try to guess is the next winning numbers. If you have 6 numbers in mind, why not give them a try. You can rest easy that if you forget about them, we’ll call and e-mail to let you know that you’d won! The Next EuroMillions draw is set for tomorrow Friday 7th of July 2022 with a Jackpot of €230 Million! Will you take a shot for it?

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