Luck isn't just for the Irish

St.Patrick’s Day is nearly here, and the festival of lucky leprechauns and Irish heritage is here. Luck might be in the air, but is with you for a chance to win some cash? Yes, some like to live it up on this lucky day, but some have gotten lucky enough to win incredible prizes. Have a look at these almost unbelievable and interestingly lucky stories.

4-leaf clover

Four sisters or a four-leaf clover?

Many have heard of the four-leaf clover and that supposedly finding one is a sign that good luck is with you. People think that four-leaf clover are a sign of good luck because clover leaves never grow an even number of leaves; clover always grows in 3, 5, 7, etc., so a clover with four leaves is technically an anomaly. Since these anomalies are so rare to spot in a field of normal ones, finding one is believed to signal you’ve hit a lucky streak and that you’d better use it! The rule of four might have applied here as four sisters would win a massive jackpot for St. Patrick’s Day.
Four sisters from Oregon had initially planned to buy eight tickets; they would hold two tickets, and should any of them win, they would all share them. At the last minute, though, the sister tasked with purchasing their eight shots at the prize was inspired to buy a 9th ticket. At first, she didn't mention anything and kept the extra ticket hidden. Her last-minute hunch would pay off though, as the 9th ticket matched the winning draw. She would go on to happily share the news and cash with her sisters! The other three were initially slightly disappointed as none of the eight lines they originally planned matched the draw. They were delighted to hear their sister had bought an extra ticket that had just won them $1 Million. They were all overjoyed with the win, and since they were all retired, they decided to take some of the winnings for a fantastic vacation.


A Canadian unknowingly gets a winning streak.

Far from the green hills of the Emerald Isle, a gentleman from Vancouver must’ve shaken hands with St.Patrick himself. After all, how many people can claim to win an impressive 150K scratchcard first and then top it off with a bigger $1 Million jackpot win? Our friendly Canadian revealed a $150K scratchcard win for Christmas Eve, but his luck wasn’t over yet! Still feeling lucky, a few days later, a raffle would go up, and who do you think felt like taking a chance again? You guessed it, our lucky Canadian would unknowingly buy another winning ticket, this time for a $1 million jackpot win. So, in under three months, our friend would win two jackpots! The odds of winning any jackpot are high, but the odds of landing a jackpot win twice in such a short amount of time are incredibly astronomical.
He explained that initially, he thought his lucky feeling might lead to a $500 or $1,000 win at most, but he could hardly believe his eyes when he scanned his ticket, and the lottery app informed him that he had won $1 Million. Have you ever heard of a lucky streak like that?

standing applause

2,000 players win a combined $3.75 million in a single Pick-4 draw

Winning a jackpot is sometimes described as 1 in a million (the odds vary from lottery to lottery, but you get it), so what is it when 2,000 people win legitimately? It sounds wild, unbelievable, and every other word you can think of, but hold onto your hat while you read this one because we’ll blow your mind.
It sounds like a leprechaun must’ve come to this little town in Illinois because 2,000 people won a prize on the same St. Patrick’s Day lotto draw. In an astonishing turn of events, two thousand people would take away over $3.75 million on this special Pick 4 Plus Fireball for St.Patrick’s Day draw. Five tickets earned their players a $25,000 win each, 3 won $20,000 each, 3 won $15,000 each, 10 won $10,000 each, and approximately 1,400 people won $2,500 each.
Shamrock hats and opting for a shade of green across everything will soon be everywhere. Will you be joining your local St Patrick’s Day celebration? We’ve got a fantastic lottery ready to draw with a $15 million jackpot that could be won! You, too, can get your chance to play and be in with a chance to walk away with that massive bag of cash. Or if you’re Simply click below to put your numbers down for our big St. Patrick’s Day draw!

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