Luzzu Lotto Has Landed - Win €2 Million Today!

Jackpotters! We’re excited to tell you all about our new lottery, Luzzu Lotto! Inspired by the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta, this twice weekly draw could land you an incredible jackpot of €2 million!

Luzzu Lotto draws take place every Monday and Thursday at 20:00 CET, and in addition to the hefty jackpot, they offer a 1 in 5 chance of winning a free bet. There are also surprise jackpot boosts every month, so stay on the lookout as the cash prize can rise well above the €2 million mark.

The Luzzu is a Maltese fishing boat, often with the lucky eye of Osiris painted on its front to protect fishermen from stormy seas and grant them a successful catch. Choose your numbers today and you could have your own sweet catch.

€1.50 a line? Fin-tastic!

That’s right! Betting on Luzzu Lotto only costs €1.50 a line. That’s lots cheaper than eating fish at a restaurant, but it could be way more satisfying.

To catch the €2 million jackpot, you must match all 6 numbers and the Joker ball. If you match 2 main numbers, then you win your €1.50 back.

If you don’t match all the numbers, don’t worry. You have the chance to win a Free Bet Bonus when you match the Joker ball. This means that you’ve got a 1 in 5 chance to get a free bet to try your sweet luck on future Luzzu Lotto draws.

Have a whale of a time!

Come and try our brand new addition to the lotteries! Like the sunshine island itself, Luzzu Lotto could brighten up your day with its shiny €2 million jackpot. Most of all, we hope you enjoy this lottery as much as we enjoyed creating it. It’s a fabulous Maltese treasure and we can’t wait to find out who its first winner will be. We hope it’s you!

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