When St. Patrick comes marching in!

March might be synonymous with St. Patrick’s, but the Irish aren’t the only lucky ones around! We’ve got a collection of stories about some incredibly lucky people. Most people would consider themselves incredibly lucky if they won the lottery, so what do you call these people?


A store clerk’s blunder turns into a $300,000 win for a lucky 60-year-old lottery winner.

One clerk’s mistake makes another man’s fortune when a single error would turn into a $300K win! This gentleman was on his way to visit his favourite restaurant, when he decided to stop to play some lines on a local lottery. He explained that whenever he decided to play, he usually bet a random single line of numbers on anywhere from 10 to 20 different draws. This time however, the clerk accidentally put down ten lines on a single draw this time. A leprechaun must have been whispering in his ear, though, as he told the clerk that he’d still take the ticket, not knowing how good this decision was. The following morning, he remembered to check the results and was stunned to realise he’d just won a Lucky for Life Jackpot that would net him $25,000 every year for the rest of his life, or he could take a lump sum payment of $300K! Can you imagine if it was the other way around and the mistake caused the 60-year-old to lose out on winning $300K?


A lucky lottery player wins $10 million on scratchcard for the SECOND time.

Many people from around the world enjoy scratchcards. One, particular scratch card player from New Yorker however would have quite a unique experience when he first drew a win in 2022. At the time, he’d won $10 million but decided not to make a big fuss about winning. Describing himself as a humble and discrete individual, he simply wanted to stay quiet about his good fortune. The shop owner where the winning ticket was bought said that our lucky New Yorker continued to come in regularly to buy scratchcard tickets even after his first win. The shop owner explained how he got the impression that the man simply enjoyed the scratchcard experience. Still, he couldn't believe it when, less than two years later, the same man he’d sold a winning jackpot scratchcard ticket to would purchase another winning ticket for another $10 million win.


The record holder for most 16 wins

We’re sure the next heading looks unbelievable, but wait till you’ve read this one. One Pharmacist holds the record for most jackpot wins by a New Yorker—16 wins! One jackpot win came from a Mega Millions draw, while the other 15 were on Win-4. This gentleman owns the pharmacy where he bought all the tickets, but before you get suspicious, all the games he has played do not reveal which tickets are winners, so his 16 wins are genuine! The story becomes sweeter when we learn that this lucky pharmacist has used his winnings to do numerous charity works around New York and not just celebrate.


Winning 30 times, wait for it, in a single day!

When one Virginia woman kept seeing the same four numbers over and over one day, she decided to bet them on 20 Pick 4 tickets. This lady was just refuelling her car when she decided to take out the 20 tickets but would later return to buy ten more tickets on the same lottery with the same combination. Later on, during the evening’s draw, she explained how she couldn't believe that her combination had won the top prize 30 times! She explained how she felt like she was about to have a heart attack when she realised that each of her winning tickets had landed her a $5000 win, totalling $150,000 in winnings. The lottery company said the odds of landing the jackpot in the Pick 4 lottery are 1 in 10,000, but no one could have predicted a winner with 30 identical tickets!

Have you ever had a streak of good luck? It doesn’t even have to be a series of wins. We’ve got a St. Patrick's Day draw coming up with a 15 Million jackpot that could be won. Will you put down your numbers for it? Alternatively, you might be more of a video slots fan, in which case, you might enjoy our Feeling Green Tournament by clicking here.

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