Unbelievable lottery stories!

Have you ever had an experience you thought was just simply unbelievable? Many have had an experience that you’d call a “near miss” but feel that no one would believe them. Imagine a near miss that landed you a jackpot win! Here are some fantastic stories of near misses with lotteries which we’d have had a hard time believing, if, they weren’t documented!

Come back from the dead

Come back from the dead… and win twice!

Our first story comes from Melbourne, Australia, where a trucker would first experience a heart attack and a near-fatal trucking accident. Aside from his heart stopping for nearly 14 minutes, he was also placed in a medically induced coma. Usually, this would cause some damage to the brain, but this Aussie would wake up with all his faculties intact and unharmed. When he would later go on to win on a scratchcard, the local news team felt that this fantastic turn of events deserved to be featured. Nobody expected our lucky Aussie to win for a second time when he and the news team filmed a clip that re-enacted his first scratchcard win!

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Lottery winning

Winning the lottery seven times!

If you thought winning a lottery twice was incredible, imagine winning it seven times. One Florida gentleman would be one of the few people you’d believe when they told you they were lucky. This Floridian became so famous for winning the lottery so often that he wrote books and articles and gave lectures about how players can use his tips and tricks to improve their odds of winning the lottery. While the debate on these tricks and methods is still raging, and no one has confirmed this, many have considered his theories. So it’s up to you if you believe there are a few ways to pick your numbers or if it’s entirely up to luck. Get your tickets a shot on the Mega Millions here.

Winner plays and his family

A Winner plays a prank on his family!

A gentleman from Wexford, Ireland, might have leprechaun blood in him, as he would take the opportunity to pull a clever prank on his family in true trickster fashion. We’ve all at some point taken a few minutes to imagine what we’d do with a massive jackpot if we’d won, maybe even mused about having some crazy party or celebration we’d like to have, but very few would manage to pull off what this Irishman did. One evening, our gent checked the lottery results at dinner and realised his numbers had won! Despite the incredible rush of emotion, he managed to maintain his composure and even go to bed that evening without telling a soul that he’d just won a nice sum. The next day, he would quietly plan a family lunch to celebrate a modest win. Our crafty Irishman called relatives to invite them to a get-together to celebrate a modest €418 win. When his family joined him, they all praised his generous approach to winning a few hundreds and wished him well. He would then shock them all when he advised them that his €418 win was actually €418,000! Imagine the surprised look on their faces when he told them.

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A fortune cookie

A fortune cookie with a prediction worth a fortune!

As with anything that revolves around predicting the future or divination, fortune cookies, while a classic at the end of many Chinese take-out or restaurant meals are also the subject of many cliches. Some claim that the number of fortune cookies you take makes a difference, while others insist that the way they are broken open can make all the difference between a lousy fortune and an accurate one. One fortune cookie that made the rounds in US restaurants would land 89 people a Powerball win worth $100K, out of which 21 took $500K thanks to a power play option. How would you feel if the numbers played from a fortune cookie landed you a Powerball win, but you had to share it with 88 others who got the same fortune? You can check out the Powerball here.

A needle in a haystack

He found a needle in a haystack!

Imagine how hard it is to find a needle in a haystack. Now imagine that needle is worth £76 million; it’s still hard, but you’ll probably be far more motivated to look. Well, one gentleman from Lincolnshire, England, would do just that and win! This gentleman would trawl and comb through his work van at his wife's and niece's encouragement. Sifting through old lottery tickets, junk, and work tools would be challenging, but listening to his family would prove to be a life-changing decision, as he found the winning ticket to a recent EuroMillions lottery that had gone unclaimed for weeks! Imagine he’d given up and written it off a jackpot win.

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Can you imagine the whirlwind of emotions after winning a lottery or a massive prize with a near miss like the above? How would you feel if you won an enormous sum with a close shave like our friends mentioned above? Imagine going through a similar experience that sees you winning a fantastic jackpot after an extraordinary near miss or a situation that sees you getting the gold from a long shot.

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