International Creativity Month as a Jackpot Winner

January is dedicated to many things; New Year resolutions, new diets and new hobbies are the order of the day. Some try new lifestyles by adopting Veganuary. January is also known as International Creativity Month. So, if you’re a lottery winner feeling creative, what are some exciting things a lottery winner can flex their creative juices on?



Have you got a fresh jackpot in your pocket, a creative streak and a penchant for sparkly things? Then consider the art of Lapidiary. This is the cutting and polishing of precious stones to be made into jewellery. If you thought accidentally ruining a canvas was a costly error, imagine making a mistake while cutting a diamond, a sapphire or an opal. Thanks to your newfound millions, you could soon be well on your way to grinding those priceless pebbles into sparkling works of art. Many gem cutters went on to make it big in the jewellery industry, like Harry Winston (yes, the brand was a real person), who is most famous for cutting and polishing the Hope Diamond. Maybe the next big jewellery design house will be: “The insertyourname Jewellery co.” - has a nice ring to it(pun intended).


The most expensive bed in the world

Have you ever wanted to direct your own movie? Do you think your ideas would wow Tarantino but don’t feel like the hassle of convincing the studios? Then why not finance the whole thing? If you’re paying for it, you can make a movie exactly as you see fit. Now we know that this doesn’t mean that your movie will be a hit, but you should know You are not the first to try, and you would not be the first to succeed either. Cynthia Stafford, who won a $112 million jackpot, became a mini media mogul after financing some indie films that even included an already well-known Juno Temple(known for films like Year One, Atonement and Vinyl).


Open a roller coaster park

Imagine designing your roller coasters! Your inner adrenaline junkie and inner child can both go nuts when you hire a team of engineers to bring your rush-inducing ideas to life! A decent roller coaster will set you back about $2 million; the bigger ones can cost around $10 million. So if you won a 9-figure jackpot like the Mega Millions, this is more achievable than you think; although this is the cost to build one ride, you’ll probably want a few more. Many lottery winners try their hand at business, but how many have you heard of anyone who has tried getting into the theme park industry?


Cook with the most expensive ingredients

Cooking can be fun and exciting and allows you to explore. Of course, why not try cooking with some of the most expensive ingredients in the world? Sure, only world-class chefs typically make use of these. But with your newfound wealth, you could try your hand at it! We’re not going to suggest starting a restaurant business, but there is no reason you can’t try cooking with some caviar that’s 10K per kilo. While most people are only too happy to get regular truffle shavings on their fine-dining pasta or risotto, you can get some Alba Truffles to shave on your Wednesday night pasta; it’s only about $250 per ounce. Have you got a BBQ coming up? Why not throw some prime Kobe beef steaks on the grill? You can get them at about $2.5K per kilo.

Which of these would you try as a lottery winner? Have you taken a look at our brilliant list of lotteries? We’ve got some of the biggest and most popular lotteries from around the world available at the push of a button.

Which of these would you put your numbers on?

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