The Unluckiest Lottery Stories!

Stories about people who managed to land themselves a jackpot are always fun to read. We find ourselves wanting to know what they bought with their new prize and what things they managed to get ticked off their bucket list thanks to their big win.

However, not every lottery winning story is a bed of roses. Some lottery winners did not get to taste their big win for one shocking reason or another! Check out this list we’ve compiled of the unluckiest lottery stories we’ve ever heard of, they’re the ultimate sucker punch!


The trash never looked more appealing

How would you feel if you lost the winning ticket in the trash? Erick Onyago and Salvatore Cambria sure weren’t happy! In March of 2013, the two men decided to place 3 bets on the US Powerball. After checking the winning draw they realised they didn’t have the lucky numbers...or so they thought.

As luck would have it, the lottery website they checked the draws from hadn’t yet updated the winning numbers, and so they read the lucky digits of the previous draw! Unfortunately, by the time they learned of what had happened, they had already thrown away their ticket to claim their prize.

Their ticket was most probably somewhere in the dumping grounds of Canada, and they actually hired people to look for it! But let’s just say it probably would have been easier to find a needle in a haystack.


Winning the lottery was a pipe dream...literally!

Plumber Anthony Perosi lost his lottery ticket in a basement pipe while he was busy on his job fixing the plumbing. Six weeks had gone by and he had forgotten all about it, until word started to spread that the winner of the $136 million still hadn’t come forward. The winning ticket was also bought from the same store he had bought his own ticket.

Perosi was, however, very lucky as he managed to find his winning ticket nestled behind a pipe, a one in a million occurrence if we do say so ourselves!

Moral of the story: never take your lottery ticket to work.

The phrase ‘Time is money’ never felt more true

What if you thought you won $27 million but it turned out you technically didn’t? Joel Ifergan thought he was the big winner who put on the lucky numbers. He did in fact, put the lucky numbers on...just 7 seconds too late.

In fact, he bought 2 tickets for that night’s draw. But, as it turned out, the second lottery ticket he bought, which was (you guessed it) the winning one, was printed at 21:00:07, and the deadline to place a bet for that particular draw was at 21:00:00. This made him not eligible to claim his prize.

Who wants to bet Joel Ifergan is always on time nowadays?


Next time...maybe stick to the usual?

A woman living in Saint Louis had her beloved Super Lotto draw to look forward to every week. In fact, she would always bet the same combination of numbers on the Super Lotto on a weekly basis.

One particular week, however, she decided to spice things up and bet on the EuroMillions lottery as it had a more tempting jackpot. She stuck by her usual combination of numbers and tried her luck. The numbers she put on were not the winning numbers for the EuroMillions...but of course they were the winning numbers for the Super Lotto! What are the odds?


Believe it or not, these lottery stories are not so uncommon, but thanks to, you’ll never make it on this unlucky list! Anytime you bet with us, you can view your numbers from your account, and we’ll always let you know when you win!

Bet on any of your favourite draws with us today and you can rest easy!

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