The Sunny €15M Summer Lotto

It’s here - The hot Summer Lotto that we’ve all been waiting for. This is your chance to participate in our Summer Lotto and be in with a chance to win €15M! This grand prize is set to be up for grabs on the 21st of June - the first day of summer!

Imagine starting your summer with a cool €15M prize added to your bank balance - That’s one summer you’ll never forget! The question is, how would you spend it all? Certainly, there are always a few things that can be upgraded and we can all come up with an extensive to-do list, but do you have a particular dream that you’ve never quite shaken off? Maybe you have a dream destination that you wish to visit? A month long vacation away from home is sure to destress anyone and with €15M in winnings, the world is your oyster to visit.

Are you the fun in the sun type with a destination like Bora Bora? Perhaps an African Safari would suit your adventurous spirit! Or maybe you’re the shopper that’s prepared to look through every single shop in the Milan Fashion District!

We’re sure you’d take at least one massive dream holiday, but what else? Upgrading to first class is a breeze - there’s no waiting in airport queues when you’re headed for the first class lounge and we’ve all wanted to get on those little carts instead of walking to the terminal.

To play the Summer Lotto it’s super easy! Once you’ve logged on to, first navigate to the Summer Lotto page which can be found in our list of lotteries. You’ll need to select 6 numbers and 1 joker ball per line.

Our Summer Lotto will draw down on the 21/06/2022 and the €15M grand prize could make your upcoming summer a truly memorable one. You can place your bets here if you want to be in on the action for the draw down and be in with a chance to maybe win. Best of luck!

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