New! Lotto America - The Comeback Kid

Power ballads, Super Mario Brothers, The Goonies, and big hair are just some of the things we were blessed with in the 80s. It was also when Lotto America - the first ever multi-state lottery - was introduced. And after a 25 year break, it’s making a comeback!

Born on Feb 13, 1988, Lotto America started life as a 6-state (plus one district) lottery and steadily included more and more states until 1992, when it was replaced by the Powerball, the statewide lottery that we all know and love today.

With the recent discontinuation of Hot Lotto, however, Lotto America has stepped up to the plate again with a minimum jackpot of €1.6 million, and now thanks to you can be part of the action. Simply click the button below and choose your numbers!

Star Balls and Stripes

Lotto America follows a 5 number format from 52 white balls drawn from a single drum. There is an extra star ball selected from numbers 1-10. In order to win the grand prize you must match all 5 numbers plus the star ball number.

Draws take place every Saturday and Wednesday in Tallahassee, Florida, and offer a minimum jackpot of €1.6 million which grows until it’s won.

Here’s the full breakdown:

Tier 1 - Match 5 + 1 star ball

Tier 2 - Match 5 numbers

Tier 3 - Match 4 + 1 star ball

Tier 4 - Match 4 numbers

Tier 5 - Match 3 + 1 star ball

Tier 6 - Match 3 numbers

Tier 7 - Match 2 + 1 star ball

Tier 8 - Match 1 + 1 star ball

Tier 9 - Match 1 star ball

Stay On Your Sibling’s Good Side

As recently as last month, a brother and sister from Minnesota won the Lotto America grand prize which had reached an incredible $22.8 million. Although the sister, Debbie, was the one who bought the ticket, she and her brother had a long standing agreement to share any jackpots they win, and luckily for him, she stayed true to her word.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour

The overall odds for winning a Lotto America prize are 1 in 9.63 with the top jackpot sitting at 1 in 25,989,600. If you fancy your chances at beating those odds, then here is a list of the most overdue numbers in this lottery as of April 2018.

    3 - (114 days)
    9 - (111 days)
    48 - (111 days)
    5 - (100 days)
    17 - (93 days)
    10 - (69 days)

    Good Luck!
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