Valentine’s Day as a Lottery Winner

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and you might wonder what to do for your significant other. Every year, we do our best to avoid repeating last year's gifts and, more importantly, avoid repeating blunders. If you’re a recent lottery winner, you might wonder how to do something truly memorable.


Bring their favourite movie to life!

So, let’s start with one that can apply to anyone. You could be the girliest girl or the most macho guy, but a memorable trip to the location of your favourite movie scene is sure to make you feel special. Granted, you can’t both stand on the bow of the Titanic for the Rose and Jack film, but how about the bench scene from La La Land? The bench and lamp post aren't there, but the location is Cathy's Corner, near the famed Mulholland Drive. Or if your partner loves their cars and the Fast and Furious movie, how about driving down the road from the final ending of Furious 7(every guy cries here)? The location is the intersection of Templin Highway and Ridge Route Road in Castaic, just a few miles north of Malibu, LA. This is an excellent option if your partner is a franchise fan and you want to see them bawl their eyes out with emotion. Just remember to be gentle afterwards; they’re going to feel vulnerable.


Get them the jewel of their dreams

Does your partner have a penchant for jewellery? Well, why not get them their favourite stone in a custom piece of jewellery? We’re not talking diamonds(which are way more common than people realise). We’re talking about the rare ones like purple sapphire or star ruby? Not everyone can pull that off, but with a massive jackpot win in your pocket, it’s a different story. Remember that it’s not just jewellery that can have diamonds and precious stones. Everything from video game controllers to wedding cakes, dresses, tuxedos, phones, and probably just about anything else has been studded, encrusted or inlaid with gems, precious metals and other rare stones. If your dearly beloved has a favourite thing, you can get them a custom-made version encrusted with precious gems, or if you really want to amaze(and provided it’s possible), get that thing carved out of a gem. Maybe you can gift your party a pair of crystal slippers to make them feel like a real Cinderella.


An experience to remember

Is there a unique experience you think your significant other would thoroughly enjoy? Maybe they’ve dreamed of some fantastic adventure with you, and you’d love to surprise them with an all-expenses paid trip! If you want to spend some of the millions from your jackpot win, you’re ridiculously spoiled for choice. Maybe they want to drive an F1 Car for a day, or you can get them a flight to the Earth's lower orbit for a weightless experience at the edge of space. If you’re not an astronaut, this is the closest you can get to being out of this world!


The unforgettable dinner

So you’d like to take some of the millions from your jackpot win to make an unforgettable dinner for the one that gives you butterflies. Now slow down; dinner doesn’t necessarily mean a fancy five-course meal; well, it could, but it’s not your only option. First, if we’re talking food, and you've got a jackpot win to burn through, you can get the best chef around to cook something special just for you and your beau. So you have the food down, now what about location? Sure, you can go to the best place in town, but what if you booked the entire restaurant instead of just a table? Better yet, there is a thing called “outside catering”. Imagine surprising your loved one with a dinner at their favourite spot in the world, whether somewhere by the beach or with an incredible view. If you both would enjoy it, We’re sure you’ve heard of this for weddings and big parties, but we bet you’ve never thought of doing this for a special date.

While on the topic of Valentine’s and jackpots, did you know that we have a Valentine’s Day lottery coming up, and you too can get a line or two in on the action for a chance to win $15 Million? If you were the one to win this pile of cash, are any of the above up your alley? If you win, we’d love to hear your ideas for a perfect Valentine’s Day as a lottery winner. If you want to place bets on this upcoming draw, click below!

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