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Everyone is unique and has unique tastes. Besides the new house, car, plane, boat and several travels, what could you really go all out on? The answer is incredible: ANYTHING! Writing up the list proved that some will go all out to make something truly a rare luxury. Would you get any of these kooky luxuries?


The most expensive aquarium
The Aquavista Dinosaur Gold Edition - $3,800,000

Unless you plan on getting a custom aquarium built that competes with major attractions, the most expensive standard aquarium you can buy is just a little over 3 million pounds, but it’s far from ordinary. This tank’s frame is constructed out of tyrannosaurus and woolly mammoth bones( why and how this affects the tank is unclear). You’re excused if you want to read that again because we did when we read it for the first time. Our biggest question is why? Why would you make a piece of the frame out of dinosaur and woolly mammoth bones? The side veneers feature the bone materials and are covered with a thick veneer of 24ct gold. In total, there is approximately 68kg of gold. In all fairness, the tank is highly sophisticated, with many technological features like an automatic feeder. The makers claim that the tank only requires about 15 mins of monthly maintenance(some of which includes filling the automatic feeder). So, while this aquarium may seem incredibly expensive, it is designed to be easy and functional for the owner.


The most expensive bed in the world
Baldacchino Supreme - $6,300,000

Some people love their sleep. Science will tell us we need a minimum of 5 and an optimal of 8, but we all have that one friend who prays for 12 hours. While we can’t convince medical science to agree to a 12-hour sleep requirement, this is the most expensive bed on the market! The Baldacchino Supreme Bed will set you back $6,300,000. It has over 100kg of gold leaf laid on it and a custom headboard adorned by buttons, diamonds, or another type of stone(depending on the buyer’s taste). Three different kinds of expensive wood are shaped, carved and curved to make the body of this bed.


Robot Kitchen - $338,000

For around 375K, you can get a robot to cook for you. Imagine having a personal chef that can provide you with an extensive list of dishes to choose from that are all based on the ingredients currently available in your fridge and pantry, and it can prepare any of it at the simple push of a button. Forget time off; this chef needs no breaks, no sleep and no days off - maybe one day a year, you’ll need to do some maintenance, but if you can afford the robot, you can probably afford to get someone to come and do it for you. But for the remaining 364 days, you have a robot chef at your beck and call that will produce great food consistently and without fail.


The most expensive massage chair
Lamborghini LBF-750 Massage Chair - $30,000

So we looked up who offers the most expensive comfort in massage chairs and we were surprised to find that “the most expensive massage chair in the world…. Is it made by Lamborghini?!” It costs $30K, and as with everything produced by the Italian supercar makers, the list of unnecessary luxuries is mind-boggling. It features a 4D massage system(we aren't quite sure what this means, considering humans are three-dimensional beings), fingerprint unlocking, body panels that are made from real Lamborghini bumpers, 76 airbags(unclear what you will be bumping into), even plays a sound that is supposed to mimic that of a Lamborghini engine… why, we’re not quite sure but the company claim that its the next best thing to owning a real Lamborghini.


Most expensive gaming PC in the world
Next Computing the Edge DL - $54,950

Someone is serious about their video games if they’re reaching for your cash to buy this beast! Where most gamers are happy with a single graphics card, this machine comes with 4! This PC isn't just designed for gaming; it has the hardware capacity for some deep machine learning. We’re hoping that if you do get one of these, you won’t be using it to play some old 8-bit game like SuperMario or Minecraft.

Can you imagine going out shopping for any of the above as part of your Xmas Shopping list? If you won a lottery jackpot, which of these would you get? And speaking of lotteries, our Xmas Lotto is right around the corner, and you too can join in the action for a chance to win €15 million!

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