The Austrian Lotto - Get Cosy With Our Newest Addition

The hills are alive with the sound of millions in jackpots as we welcome the Austrian Lotto to (you didn’t really think you’d get through an Austrian-themed article without an obvious Sound of Music reference, did you?). Here’s the low-down on the latest member of our ever-growing Jackpot family.

Born on Sept 7, 1986, this generous lottery has been delighting the Austrian population for 31 years, and now thanks to, you too can be part of the action. Simply click the button below, place your bet, and cross your fingers for an incredible 1 in 12 chance of a cash prize!

Strap Into Your Lucky Lederhosen

The Austrian Lotto follows a 6 number format from 45 balls drawn from a single drum. There is an extra bonus ball selected from the same set of numbers which, although won’t count towards the match for the top jackpot, will help you claim some of the other prize tiers. 

Here’s the full breakdown: 

Tier 1 - Match 6 numbers

Tier 2 - Match 5 + 1 bonus ball

Tier 3 - Match 5 numbers

Tier 4 - Match 4 + 1 bonus ball

Tier 5 - Match 4 numbers

Tier 6 - Match 3 + 1 bonus ball

Tier 7 - Match 3 numbers

Tier 8 - Match the bonus ball number 

I Like Those Odds  

Draws take place every Sunday and Wednesday and offer a minimum jackpot of €1.5 million, with a rollover-boosted jackpot average of €5 million. 

The biggest jackpot ever to be paid out to a single player in the Austrian Lotto came to a glorious €9.6 million back in Aug 2015. But the biggest total jackpot happened not long ago, on Christmas Eve, 2017, with two players splitting an astounding €12.2 million. What a Christmas that must’ve been! 

The odds for winning the top jackpot sit at 1 in 8,145,060, however this lottery has a reputation for attractive mid-tier prizes and regular low-tier winnings, with a magnificent 1 in 12 chance of a cash prize. 

So, if you think the Austrian Lotto could be the one for you, place your bet today and give it a try. Looking for some inspiration? Here’s a list of the 6 most commonly drawn numbers in this lottery:

  1. 43 - (drawn 266 times)
  2. 39 - (drawn 261 times)
  3. 42 - (drawn 259 times)
  4. 05 - (drawn 256 times)
  5. 17 - (drawn 253 times)
  6. 24 - (drawn 252 times)

Good Luck!

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