Here are some wonderful #SendSomeLove stories!

Our #SendSomeLove campaign is coming to an end and we have some stories to share. So many of you have so much love to give and we were blown away by your lovely messages! Let’s have a look at some of our nominees:

  1. We had a daughter, a son, and a daughter-in-law...

These kind souls thought of their parents and parents-in-law who are living alone during these difficult times.

An 18 year old sent some love to her parents-in-law who live in Sliema. The mother-in-law takes care of her husband, who suffers from dementia, all by herself, so the couple definitely deserve a warm meal and a nice message - and more! A loving daughter wanted to cheer up her father, who is in quarantine alone. He recently lost his wife to dementia, and they are unable to grieve their family loss together. He cared for his wife for 7 years, and his daughter wanted to send him a virtual hug and a message of strength. Another man wanted to show his heartfelt appreciation to his grandma and mother, who recently lost her job and moved in with his grandma, but still helped her son as much as she could when he needed financial support.

  1. ...Two mothers...

These two mothers did what mothers always do: they thought of their family! One of the mothers, who is from Kalkara, sent her love to her vulnerable husband and daughter who are both on lockdown. She wanted to give them a sweet surprise and maybe relieve some of their stress, so she sent them their favourite meal and a note to remind them that she loves them.

Our next mother nominated her daughter who is unable to visit her parents because they are both seniors. The daughter is missing out on family time and she is also away from the family pet! Her parents wanted to let her know that they love her very much and that they think about her every day.

“Be safe, be strong.”

  1. ...And some super friends

Sometimes, friends are so amazing that we consider them as family. This kind woman wanted to send some love and strength to her friend from Birkirkara. She recently lost her father and she is also a working mother of two young children who is trying her best to juggle between work and taking care of her family. Her friend wanted to brighten up her day by letting her know that she’s thinking about her. Another woman was nominated by six different people! She is a single mother of two who had a difficult upbringing and has recently found herself without a job, so her wonderful friends wanted to put a smile on her face.

Check out more amazing stories from our #SendSomeLove campaign here, and remember, kindness doesn’t cost a thing!

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