€100M EuroMillions Superdraw coming up on October 4th!

We often hear of freshly-minted lotto winners going slightly overboard as soon as those multi-millions hit their accounts. And we can't say we blame them - if we had a cash-flow of a few million, it would soon be Luxury City!

Your time to be a lottery winner could be sooner than ever with the EuroMillions Superdraw that stands at an impressive €100 million jackpot! We know. That’s pretty insane. Superdraws occur when the jackpot is set to a guaranteed amount, and the crazy part is that they can happen at any time - no wonder they always get lottery fans jumping in their seats! Make sure to save the date, Friday, October 4th, so you don’t miss out!

Maybe the most mind-blowing thing of it all is that someone’s gonna win it. If that someone were to be you, what would you do with a €100 million? Here’s a list of the things we’d do if we won this EuroMillions Superdraw.

  1. Let it all out. 

Better out then in, so let loose all the excitement that has suddenly taken over your body and scream all the feels away. 

  1. Pinch yourself 

Is this really happening? Am I living in a simulation? And what am I gonna do with all that bling? Should I save it up or blow it all on that gold-plated pizza that I’ve always wanted to try? 

  1. Start rigorous planning. 

There is a lot to be done, and a plan of action is needed. Should I start from building my in-house theme park or should I book my seat for the next trip to outer space? 

  1. Build a water slide inside our home

Because why not? Warning: you will get soaking wet. 

  1. Buy a plane and fly around the world. 

Go to every place we’ve ever wanted to visit. Maybe even the places we never wanted to visit, just to keep an open mind about things.

This daydreaming got us even more excited for this special EuroMillions Superdraw that will take place on Friday, October 4th, and it probably got you pumped too! All eyes are on the €100 million EuroMillions Superdraw so save the date. That gold-plated pizza awaits! 

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