The Cheapest Lotteries with the Biggest Prizes!

Want to win big without spending a lot of money? We’ve gathered a list of cheap lotteries that give you the chance to bring in millions but give out just a few euros.

  1. The American Dreams

The famous Powerball is always ready to power up your day. The jackpot starts at a whopping $40 million, which is approximately €36 million, and continues to grow until someone wins!
Price: €3.50 per line

Mega Millions is next on the list, offering some mega jackpots that will blow your mind! Just like Powerball, the minimum jackpot amount is $40 million and there is no jackpot cap. The biggest jackpot ever given out in Mega Millions was a massive $1.53 billion!
Price: €3.50 per line

Coming from the city that never sleeps, Cash4Life takes place in New York and awards the jackpot winner €1,000 every day for life! Let's say that you have 30 years of life remaining - that is approximately 10,950 days, without considering leap years. If you win the jackpot, you get €1,000 for 10,950 days - that’s a total of €10.95 million!
Price: €3.00 per line

  1. The European Wonders

We definitely could not leave out Europe’s favourite lottery: EuroMillions’ jackpot starts at €17 million and can go up to a wonderful €190 million! With that kind of money, you would be travelling around the world in no time.
Price: €3.50 per line

Our very own Luzzu Lotto also makes a splash in this sea of cheap lotteries. Although the jackpot is fixed at €2 million, it goes up to a nice €5 million prize when there is a superdraw! It is also one of the cheapest lottery tickets you can buy!
Price: €1.50 per line

  1. The Australian Beauty

Moving on to a different continent, OZ Powerball is definitely worth mentioning. With a minimum jackpot of AU$3 million, which is approximately €2 million, this Aussie lottery is one to look out for. The jackpot does not have a maximum amount, so it keeps getting higher until somebody wins. The biggest OZ Powerball jackpot was an astonishing AU$150 million (approx. €88.8 million)!
Price: €2.50 per line

Could you imagine winning millions with a bet that costs less than €5?!

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