Jackpot.com Player wins €455,000 on EuroMillions!

What do you imagine it feels like to see your numbers on the screen as the drawn numbers? From shocked surprise to shouting with joy, this is what any big winner would experience, but how did the single mother from the UK react when we called her with the awesome news that she just won 2nd place in EuroMillions for a total of €455,000?

You should’ve been there, she’d been thinking it was a scam until we called her - however it’s fair to say that you and I probably would think so too if someone emailed us telling us we’d won a lottery!

After the whirlwind of emotions calmed down, we took the time to have a chat with her and ask a few questions about her experience with Jackpot.com and here’s what she had to say:

How did you feel when you realized you had the winning numbers?

My first thoughts were that it might be a scam but then realized it was actually true once I received an email and a call about this win and the smooth process for crediting the winnings began.

How did you pick your winning numbers?

I didn't have any special lucky numbers and decided to go with the random quick pick option on a simple hunch - Now that’s good instinct!

Why do you choose Jackpot.com to place your lottery bets on?

The website is easy to navigate and I find it appealing.

What will you spend your winnings on?

I’ll be buying a property for me and my son to live in as we are currently tenants.

Do you have a message you can share to all lottery fans out there?

Never give up and play reasonably and responsibly.

We’re always super happy to see our players win great prizes like this and we’re always ready to welcome new ones. Have you been eyeing one of our lottos like the EuroMillions? Well this is an awesome time to try your luck. Many Jackpots have grown into attractive amounts and we’re ready to assist you in placing your bets for any of these. Who knows, maybe we’ll be writing about you next!

How would you spend your winnings? Maybe you’d like to take a few months to go on a massive holiday to a few dream destinations, or maybe you’re interested in parking a few supercars in your driveway. Whatever you’re dreaming of, there is only one way to get a chance at it!
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