Stellar news: a new jackpot winner, celestial results and another EuroMillions Superdraw coming up!

We all know EuroMillions is loved by millions of people due to the fact that it’s quite generous with its jackpots, specifically with 9-figure jackpots, and that it has turned a lot of lucky winners into grande millionaires … and things just continue to get even better with this lottery.

A very fortunate winner from France wins the €157,000,000 prize

A French player snagged the €157M prize after managing to match all 5 main numbers as well as the 2 Lucky Stars. This person’s identity is unknown but we know for sure that he or she is quite a lucky fellow! This particular win is the third win in France since the lottery has started in 2004. The largest recorded win in France happened back in the year of 2012 and it was an insane €170M. However, the biggest recorded win in global history is an incredible €190M, and to be more specific, it was victoriously won 4 times in total in the United Kingdom (twice in a row), Spain and Portugal between 2012 and 2019. What would you do with a win like that?

These results are celestial: more on EuroMillions latest lottery results

There were more than 32 million entries for the €157M draw. One particular player won the jackpot, which was standing at the €157M mark. Meanwhile, 6 individuals managed to match 5 of the main numbers as well as 1 Lucky Star, winning €153,948.48 each. Another 6 people won €35,980.30 each by matching 5 of the main numbers. Forty-four people matched 4 of the main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars and won €1,528.22 each. In total, there were 2,473,276 people who won a prize during this particular draw, meaning for every 1,000 tickets bought, 77 won a prize - and if that’s not a generous draw, we don’t know what is!

Another starry €130M EuroMillions Superdraw is coming up

On the 25th of September, a special event is being held - a guaranteed €130,000,000 Superdraw, to be precise! We are certain EuroMillions’ fans are on the edge of their seat waiting for this draw. To make things even better, you can also place your bets in advance so that you don’t miss out on your chance to win. Make sure to set your alarms to 21:00 CET on the 25th of September, so mark your calendars. This draw will happen in the capital of France, in Paris.

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