A Valentine’s gift from a lottery winner!

Valentines has left some puzzled as to what should be the appropriate gift on a day filled with unspoken rules, location-based traditions and more obstacles to dodge than an olympic hurdles race. We’ve got a Valentine’s day Lotto that you can join for a chance to win €15 Million. Whether it's your first Valentines with your significant other, or years in, the gift you buy can mean the difference between smiles and sour looks!

Here’s some fantastic options and a pair of warnings:

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

With a name like that, it sounds almost mystical, and when you read about it you’ll think it really might be. It grows in a small and remote part of Mount Kinabalu, it only blooms between April and May and it comes at $5000 a pop (and when we say pop, we mean per stem not per bouquet). Flowers are a little cliche, sure, but what if you were presenting a rare beauty like the Gold of Kinabalu Orchid! It’s the most expensive, naturally growing flower that you can buy. So here’s hoping your partner really, really, really, loves flowers.

Le Chocolate Box

While a terrible gift on its own, a box of chocolates is fantastic as a secondary gift to sweeten the pot! The title for most expensive dessert,cake, chocolate or sweet is constantly being challenged, but the most expensive box of chocolates is firmly held by Le Chocolate Box from the collaboration of Lake Forest Confections & Simon Jewelers. Each box comes with a $1.5 Million price tag, and it’s not just because they taste like drops of heaven (which is what you’d expect for that price) but also because each one comes with a gorgeous piece of jewellery by Simon Jewelers. Each box comes with a unique piece of jewellery like rings, bracelets, necklaces. Each unique piece isn't simply worth its weight but also features previous gems like sapphires, emeralds and blue diamonds. So this is probably the only box of chocolates you can offer as a stand alone gift (because it automatically comes with another gift… but that’s guy logic for you).


Speaking of Jewellery, it’s often the safest (albeit expensive) choice. The most expensive piece of jewellery in the world is currently the Hope Diamond, which has an estimated value of a whopping $350 Million necklace, but it is only available for viewing at the Smithsonian and not for sale. If you’re thinking of going for the second most expensive piece, which is the Peacock Brooch By Graff Diamonds. Just know that it too has an eye-watering price tag at $100 Million. So it’s quite clear that the most expensive pieces are typically the custom made ones. While these take time to complete, we’re pretty sure that your special valentine will appreciate the unique custom piece!

Whatever you do, avoid the restaurant proposal on Valentines. It’s cliche and potentially very embarrassing if you’re turned down (imagine having to wait for the bill with all those eyes on you). Luckily, dinner is an excellent choice for new couples and speaking of dinner…

$25K Dinner

Imagine paying $25K for the most expensive single course meal you and your valentines can find in the world, and then being served a taco. Yeah, you read that right, the most expensive single plate you can buy and it comes with a single taco. Now to be fair, the ingredients of the taco explains the price. The filling consists of Kobe beef, langoustine, beluga caviar and black truffles. The sauces that go on it are also made with super expensive ingredients like dried Morita chilis, Anejo tequila, and Civet coffee.

You’ll find this luxury meal in a luxury resort in San Lucas, which is in none other than the birthplace of tacos - Mexico.


Ok so if you’re thinking about offering lingerie as a Valentine’s gift, we would first suggest you consider mountain climbing with no ropes, then re-consider this. This is more a word of warning as this option is dangerous, requires a delicate approach and even a back up gift (we’ll explain why in a second), so it’s more hassle than it’s worth.

First off, do you know if your partner will like this gift? (We’re not just talking about the style, we also mean the size, the colour and even the brand) Second, are you SURE that your partner will like it? We know we seem to be asking this twice but there is a reason. Consider that this is not a gift you simply hand to your partner wherever you are; we know it comes in a box, but you wouldn't hand it to them at a restaurant or in front of their friends would you? So you’ll need a backup gift that they can show off instead of the lingerie.

The only thing worse as a gift is:

The Death Sentence (a.k.a. ANYTHING related to weight loss)

While not literally a death sentence, offering this gift is pretty much like standing infront of a firing squad and hoping they miss. Unless your Valentine’s is a marathon maniac, or the gift is a personal training session with the favourite, famously fit celeb, this is a cringe worthy gift like no other that is unlikely to be taken the right way. We don’t really think we need to explain the implications that come with giving a gift like this, so we’re pretty sure you’ve figured out why this is a bad idea.

We’ve got some of the biggest lotteries right here. If you think Valentine’s will be your lucky day, then check out the Valentine’s Day lottery with a €15 Million Jackpot that you can try to land. Maybe your day of romance will truly be an unforgettable one! To play Valentine’s Lottery, make a deposit and choose 6 numbers and 1 Joker Ball . There may be multiple winners. This lottery game takes place on the February 14th, at 20:00 CET.

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