Pick 3 - will you be the one to pick out a win?

We’re bringing you some incredible newness as we’ve just launched this extraordinary lottery, Pick 3. It happens twice a day at 12.00 GMT (14.00 CET) and 17.00 GMT (19.00 CET) - so that means that you could possibly win a prize on the same day you’ve placed your bets, with odds ranging 1:100 to 1:1,000. How great is that?

A bet won’t break the bank as it can come to between €0.50 to €1.00 although, combo play can go up to €6. Placing your Pick 3 bets is super easy! After logging into your Jackpot.com account, proceed to choose 3 numbers from 0-9, or click on the ‘Quick Pick’ button to have your numbers picked randomly. Then, decide what your preferred play type is: Straight, Box, Straight/Box, Front Pair, Back Pair, or Combo. Afterwards, pick the bet amount: €0.50 or €6.00. Finally, complete your transaction, and cross your fingers for good luck!

What are Pick 3’s play types?

  1. Straight

Here, the same three digits have to coordinate in the same order they are drawn so they cannot be disorganized. For example, if the digits 123 come up, and your numbers are 132, you will have lost. The rewards all rely on your bet amounts so if you placed a bet of €0.50, you obtain €250, whilst if you placed a bet of €1.00, you obtain €500.

  1. Box

For this play type, your numbers can be drawn in any given order and win as per your bet amount, whether you win with a 3-way or 6-way. For example, say your digits are 112 and the numbers drawn are 121 - you can call yourself a victorious winner!

  1. Straight/Box

Your €1.00 bet will be split in half - €0.50 for straight and €0.50 for box. So, you would’ve bet on your numbers coordinating in the same order or a random order. Rewards won correlate on the bet amount and whether you won with a 3-way or 6-way.

  1. Front Pair

Say you picked a three-digit number 123, and the victorious number is 124 - you win! This is due to the first 2 digits picked correlate with the winning ones. Good to note that rewards rely on your bet amount. If you choose the Front Pair play type, you need to choose your digits strictly from the first two columns.

  1. Back Pair

Choose a three-digit number such as 234, and if the winning figure is 134 - you’re a winner! This is because the 2 chosen numbers from the back correlate with the victorious ones. To add, prize money’s according to the bet amount. Also, you would need to pick your digits from the last two columns for this play type.

  1. Combo

You can bet between €1.50-€6.00 depending on the bets you place. Let’s say you pick out 123 as your numbers - you will have the chance to win with various straight combinations, so, with the first two straight digits, with the last two straight numbers and with a straight 3-digit number.

For more information, simply click here.

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