Touch down! Lucky Lotto’s here -’s first-ever subscription-only lottery.

For all of those who crave exclusivity, this is for you - Lucky Lotto marks the first time ever we’ve come out with a lottery which is only available for those who subscribe. With its price tag at €6.99 monthly, you’ll be able to acquire access within the lottery and get in the chance to win as much as €7,500,000.

Lucky Lotto occurs twice-weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 21:00 CET - so there’s plenty of chances for you to attempt to beat the odds. This lottery also gets a boost to its jackpot randomly twice monthly, from €7.5M to a majestic €15M - which is incredible! To subscribe, choose 6 main numbers from 1-50 and a Lucky Ball from 1-5 and complete your transaction. If you’re unsure about what numbers to go ahead with, you can click on the ‘Quick-Pick’ button to have your numbers randomly picked out for you.

  1. How can one win a lucky prize?

In order for you to win the big cash sum, you’ll have to match the main 6 numbers as well as the Lucky Ball. Should you not match the numbers to win the grand jackpot, and you simply match the Lucky Ball only, you win €0.50. Meanwhile, you’d win €10.00 by matching 5 numbers, €5.00 if you match 4 numbers, and lastly, if you match with 3 numbers, you win €2.50.

  1. But, why should one subscribe to Lucky Lotto?

Well, it’s pretty obvious - by subscribing, you would never be able to miss out on any draws as your numbers are automatically placed in each draw. You can also change your numbers at any given time, should you have any particular numbers in mind. If you decide that you don’t want to continue with your Lucky Lotto subscription, you are able to cancel at any given moment - so there’s no pressure on you whatsoever!

It’s also good to keep note that the winning numbers are generated by the iRNG (Insured Random Number Generator) which makes sure that the winning combination is selected in a random order. To add, it operates with a time-stamping system that guarantees the total protection of results.

Thus, are you feeling lucky? Go and get subscribing to Lucky Lotto.

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