A Billion Euro Draw to start 2023

Some lottery players rang in the new year with a bang and have incredible stories. A North Carolina Man was playing what was supposed to be his last ever ticket when he won 1 Million dollars. At the same time, a woman from Queensland Australia had bought a 1 million winning ticket for an Australian lotto two weeks before the draw and nearly forgot about it. And so far, a New Year’s draw that was held by the Irish National Lottery, has yet to be claimed! How's that for a few twists of fate?! Now imagine if you’d won one of our massive lotteries just as the new year was kicking off! Speaking of which, have you seen the size of the Mega Millions Jackpot? It's now reached a jaw-dropping €1 Billion. We’ve all talked about making changes in the new year but how would winning a monumental jackpot like the Mega Millions affect things?

Get a Financial Advisor

Maybe getting a professionally trained and experienced business/financial/investment advisor would be a good idea, at least get an accountant! Sure, their services might seem to cost a few grand annually but compared to a Mega Millions Jackpot win, it's not that bad, is it. Aside from guiding you on investments, they can explain how to make your money work for you for the future. They will, of course, want you to have narrowed down a few ideas for the immediate future, so don't be surprised if you are told to…

Take a holiday

That’s right! And there is a very good reason here. Taking a holiday after winning a big sum of money serves a lot more purposes than you’d think.Aside from relaxing you, it could also give you a sort of mental blank canvas to work with as you could suddenly wonder , what do you do first? This might get your mind into coming up with what you really want and or need (only now it would have a bigger pile of resources to work with). So what would the new winner do with it all? It’s got you thinking now hasn’t it? This is crucial, because you would want to have some sort of plan for when you go home. Especially since EVERYONE will have ideas for you, so…

Know what you want to invest in!

Suddenly everyone would have incredible and highly lucrative business ideas, they would just need “YOUR” winnings (well not all of them) to get their business off the ground, and then pay you back. Remember that financial advisor we discussed earlier? Well here is one instance where they really come in handy. While Cousin Lenny, Aunt Jenny and Uncle Vinnie all have their own fantastic ideas, not all of them might be practical and having a financial advisor could really help you stop yourself from investing loads (run if they ask for millions) on a doomed project! Make sure you’re investing your money in places that don't make your financial advisor feel queasy! While on investing, you should think about investing in your future, so…

Winning a massive jackpot could easily lull you into a false sense of security because let's face it, you don’t really expect to spend every last euro of a nine figure jackpot win! The few lottery winners that successfully hold onto their windfalls all agree though that the best way to achieve all this, is simply:

Don’t tell anyone!

Not your co-workers, not your friends, not even your family (unless they live with you).

It’s a very simple rule.

If you’re one of the lucky winners who started the year with a winning lottery ticket in their pocket, then we hope this information helps you. If you’re still playing for a Jackpot win, then have you checked out Jackpot.com’s fine selection of lotteries. We’ve got some of the world’s biggest lotteries, like tonight’s €1 Billion Mega Millions draw. Are you in for the draw?

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