These are the favourite numbers for the EuroMillions lotto draw

If you ask a lottery winner, they all think that some or all of their numbers are lucky. Whether by special significance only to them, or whether by culture, numbers have held special meanings that go beyond simple counting. So what's so special about these numbers? Well they are the most common numbers played and drawn in the EuroMillions! But why do so many people decide to pick one or some of these? Is there anything interesting about these numbers?

20 - 21 - 42 - 17 - 12 - 2 - 3

20 - You could call twelve of anything a dozen, but twenty of anything is called a score! A score refers to twenty of anything but scoring is also about victory - so maybe having victory on your lotto ticket as 20 might be a magnet for a win!

21 - Needing little introduction in the world of gambling, the number 21 is by far one of the most famous numbers out there. On a blackjack table, 21 is the ultimate score that cannot be beaten. As such the number 21 is seen as an important number, but is also important on other topics too. It’s also half of 42 - but more on that soon.

42 - In a famous sci-fi book, a super intelligent computer is tasked with producing the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” - after spending 7.5 billion years on the question, the computer only returns the answer as the number “42”. While the author of the book intended this as a joke, an interesting coincidence is that Cambridge astronomers have found that 42 is an important mathematical constant when determining the age of the universe. So if you thought your birthday was lucky, imagine the universe’s birthday!

17 - Seventeen is a strange little number that most couldn't care less about, whereas others find a lot of meaning in it. If you meet Italians, or you find yourself in Italy - you should be aware that most of them find the number 17 to be by far the unluckiest number. But if you’re from the emerald isle then you’ll probably show off that 17 along with a shamrock as the 17th of March is in fact St.Patrick's day! The luck of the Irish is famous, so perhaps a 17 on your ticket might rub some leprechaun luck for the chance to win a great prize!

12 - You’d be right to think of the number 12 as having a lot of symbols and meanings attached to it, but we’re sure you’re not aware of just how much there actually is about it. To name a few, the number 12 appears in everything from the number of points in a crown, the stars on the European flag, religious and spiritual symbols across different cultures or religions, the months in your calendar and the hours on your watch. Spiritually nicknamed “the number of perfection”, it’s no surprise that some people may want to try to have some of that power on their side when playing a line!

2 - perfect balance. You can’t have night without day and there’s no left without the right but it doesn’t stop there. The number 2 has a lot more associated with it than what you would think. People like the number 2, pairs have a way of satisfying us psychologically so it’s not surprising that 2 is a popular number!

3 - The number 3 is considered as a historical number. There is so much that can be said, you could probably pick a culture or religion from any place in the world and you’ll have plenty of reasons to choose this historical number. As far back as ancient Greece, Pytagoreans called it the first true number, although they also considered the number 2 to be evil so we’re not sure how seriously to take them: on the one hand belief that a number is inherently evil, on the other pythagoras gave us a cornerstone of mathematics.

We would never have thought about it just by looking at them, but these favourite numbers all have hidden meanings that many have placed a significant amount of belief in. Are any of these numbers also in your list of favourites to bet on? If one or more are, then now you know why! Speaking of preferred numbers, the EuroMillions is just about ready to pop and like you we’re eagerly awaiting the draw of the amazing €195 Million jackpot!

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