Get your shamrocks out for the green parade - our St. Patrick’s day Lotto is back!

It’s the second edition of the St. Patrick’s day lottery and we’re excited to have this lotto come around again. We’re gearing up to celebrate the green day and the energy is electric. If you enjoyed our first edition of St. Patrick’s day lottery we’re pleased to announce that you can already place your bets for the big day.

Luck is in the air, and everyone wants a shot at our pot of gold *cough, cough* €15 Million Jackpot. If you think you’ve got Leprechaun luck, you could put it to the test by participating and when the draw happens, you could be the one holding a pot of gold. Participation is easy, you just need to pick 6 numbers between 1- 50 and 1 joker number between 1- 5. Or if you really want to leave it up to chance completely, you could select “quick pick” and the system will randomly select all 7 numbers for you.

Each line that you opt to place a bet on will cost €1.50. This lottery has a single annual draw and will therefore not allow subscriptions to be purchased for it.

The draw happens on the 17th of March at 19:00 GMT (St. Patrick’s Day, obviously).

What would you do with a possible €15M St. Paddy’s day win?

Would you maybe visit the Emerald Isle after winning a jackpot inspired by leprechauns, pots of gold, and the evergreen shamrock? Is St. Patrick day, your lucky day too?

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