Spooky Halloween Lottery Stories

The spooky season is here, and Halloween fans eagerly await the scariest night of the year. The famous fright night has endless stories to give you chills, goosebumps and nightmares, but we’ve found a few lottery stories that aren’t so horror-filled.


A gaggle of witches won the lottery

When you imagine a gathering of witches, you might picture everything from dances around fires, giant cauldrons of bubbling liquids and maybe even the Shakespearean line of "Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble". We’re sorry to disappoint you, but there are no witches here, just nine nice ladies who ran a beauty shop together! After playing together for years, one fine October day, they decided to enter the Illinois Lottery Halloween Raffle. This time, however, they would win a $1 Million prize. They explained how they’d often put $2 each into a pot to buy lottery tickets, and this time wasn’t supposed to be any different than before, but instead, they would walk away with $111,111 each on this spooky lotto!


The Voices told me to do it

Generally, if you told your friends or family that a little voice told you how to get a million dollars, you’d probably be laughed off as a practical joke. This North Carolina lady was simply out grocery shopping when she spotted some scratchcard tickets, and this is when she immediately started hearing voices telling her that she absolutely must buy one! Seeing as something like that had never happened to her, and it would only cost her $10, she decided to follow the advice. She could scarcely believe it as the $10 scratch card she’d just bought revealed itself to be a $1 Million winning ticket! When collecting her winnings, she was asked if she’d heard the voices again since, but she replied no. We’re pretty sure that if she does, though, she’ll be listening.


Superstitions that led to victory!

Ever heard the one about the itchy hand? Of course you have; everybody has. If your left-hand itches, it’s supposed to mean that money is on its way. Well, this lady felt that itchy feeling, four times in fact, and it was annoying enough to get her to step off the bus she was on at the time. While I’m sure that many could report having said feeling, we’re not sure we’ve ever heard of someone experiencing it that much. Being a semi-regular lottery player, she had her own numbers that she liked to play regularly for years and decided to act on the superstition and give them another go. She could hardly believe that her hunch would lead to winning $64 Million dollars!


Ghostface Winner

Many lotteries require the winners to announce that they won or that some official announcement be made. Not everyone is on board with this, and some have even found ways of getting around this requirement. One such situation happened when a player won the Jamaican SuperLotto Jackpot and had to take pictures with the staff with a giant cheque showing off how much he’d won. However, nothing specifically said that the player must reveal their face, but they had to release pictures of the winner collecting the winnings as proof of a win. This is where our crafty Jamaican had the brilliant idea of collecting the winnings while wearing his favourite horror character’s outfit. Showing up as Ghostface from Scream must have been a little confusing for the staff, but they seemed unfazed and simply rolled with it. As you can imagine, the result is quite comical, with pictures of what looks like the infamous horror killer calmly signing a cheque for approximately $1.5 million and cheerfully posing for pictures instead of wielding a massive knife.

Have you got any terrifying Halloween tales? Have you ever had a similarly harrowing win?
If you’re a Halloweenist that just won the lottery, then you probably like some or maybe even all of the ideas above! If you want to check out some of our fang-tastic lotteries, click below.

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