A supercharged fresh start to your year

€100 million MUST GO over and above the EuroMillions Jackpot! Will you take a chance to be one of our winners in this special Extra Millions draw? Read more here.

January is famous for resolutions (which don’t last more than 2 weeks), fresh starts and a time to prepare for the upcoming 11 months. Now imagine your fresh start came with a helpful extra million in your bank account. Sounds almost too good to be true, but the EuroMillions Extra Millions could make that a reality for you.

On January the 21st, alongside the regular jackpot and runner up prizes, the EuroMillions has an extra €100 million that absolutely MUST BE WON!

Now before you start daydreaming, you need to know how you could have your chance to win it.
All you have to do is pick 5 numbers between 1-50 and 2 lucky numbers between 1-12 on the dedicated Extra Millions page, it’s that simple. You can even use “Quick Pick” to ask the system to choose the numbers for you randomly. When you’ve finished selecting the numbers for your entries, add your lines to your cart and checkout - you can pay using one of several options including Visa, Mastercard and Trustly.
Easy, right?

Now each line you bet on is automatically given a participation code, and after the regular draw happens, the system will randomly select 100 of those participating codes. If your code is selected, you get €1 million all for your sweet self.

2022 would be a memorable year if you started with an extra million to help go after that dream. What would you do with one extra €1 million? The list of options is very long and choosing what to do with it might be challenging, but before you can start daydreaming about where the money would go, you’ll need to place a bet on EuroMillions Extra Millions draw, and it can be done here.

So, will you try your luck for a memorable start to your 2022?

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