What if a pet lover wins the €127 Million EuroMillions?

A gorgeous €127 Million prize is flying over Europe tonight with a chance to make some dreams a reality. The EuroMillions is all set for the draw and the awesome prize that’s on offer is creating an unbelievable air of excitement.
But what would you do with millions in winnings? Well most lottery winners initially go for mostly the same things. A holiday to celebrate, luxury car, a boat and interestingly, expensive pets. While you and I might be content with a regular house cat, a dog or perhaps a budgie (for a super low maintenance pet), lottery winners will find they can go for anything from a horse to a white lion cub and prices can be as super high as the jackpots they won!

Thoroughbred race horse

racing horse

Getting a horse isn’t that expensive you might say. You can get one for as low as 15K, but we’re not talking about your everyday horse. We’re talking about horses with genealogy that’s curated and as complex as 18th century aristocracy. Thoroughbred race horses have often sold for millions but in the year 2000, a record was set by the horse Fusaichi Pegasus. This race horse had just won the Kentucky Derby and would sell at auction for an impressive 70 million - and that's just to buy the horse.

Cloned Labrador

Labrador puppy

Did you have a dog growing up who eventually grew old, and passed away? What if you could have an exact copy of that dog? That’s right, while you and I might simply get another dog, some owners feel that a particular pet was truly one of a kind and irreplaceable, so they get a clone! While some dog-owners will understand this sentiment, it doesn't often stay when they see the whopping price tag. A labrador was cloned for her owner at the eye-watering price of $155K back in 2008! That's a lot of cash for not that much labrador, but for some, the time they get with their dog is priceless and irreplaceable.

Stag beetle

Stag beetle

While not many people might have heard of stag beetles, probably even less have considered owning one as a pet. These beetles are a very popular pet with children in Japan. They can be bought for as little as $10 and can go up to $1,500 in some Asian countries. The rarer giant stag beetles will fetch far higher, with one Japanese resident paying $90K for one. Just make sure they don’t get loose in the house, one wrong step and you’d quickly lose that $90k investment.

Racing Pigeon

Racing Pigeon

Surprised? Don’t feel bad, so were we when we found out that a pigeon named Armando was sold for a mind-blowing $1.4 million! In some parts of the world, pigeon racing is big business and owning a particularly fast bird could earn you some cash. The next time you're out in the street and you feel a little present drop onto you, you’ll wonder if it was from a world-class racing super-star - with feathers!

Is there an exotic animal that you’ve always dreamed of having as a pet? Perhaps you’ve always been fascinated by the stripes on a tiger or the quirky nature of a kangaroo and wondered what it would be like to have one. Well with the EuroMillions coming up, this might be a chance to try winning enough to start your own mini-zoo! You can try your luck for this €127 Million jackpot and be in with a chance to win one of Europe’s hottest draws. Will you take a shot at this grand prize?

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