Is it better to repeat your lucky lottery numbers or experiment?

The biggest question when it comes to choosing your lottery numbers is should you take the classic approach or experiment? It seems as if the lottery community is divided by this one decision. Will you go down the classic route or the experimental one?

Randomly choosing lottery numbers has never been easier as there’s a tool for that! So, what makes the most sense? Which approach will come up with the best numbers to choose for lottery draws? We will be taking a look at how to pick lottery numbers soon.

We will be looking at the pros and cons of keeping the same numbers for every lottery draw together with the pros and cons of changing your numbers every single time. Everyone who takes part in the lottery wishes to have the best chance to win the lottery. So, keep reading to find out which method gives you the better chance of winning!

Let’s start off with keeping things classic. You probably have kept the same numbers for years on end and you’re wondering if maybe that is the reason you are not winning. Maybe, you think, it's time for a change. But, before you erase your favorite lottery numbers from your mind forever, take a look at the odds you have of winning the lottery when you constantly re-use the same numbers.

Using the same numbers gives you an element in the draw which is constant. When it comes to the draw itself, the numbers which are drawn each time are variables as they are liable to change. With this reasoning, why would you want to play a game that has two variables, when you can play a game that has one?

This would be a valid point, but then, you are forgetting the fact that there are a lot of players and a lot of different number combinations. How truly likely is it for your set of numbers to be the winning line during your lifetime? Changing the numbers you play with would be a great way to try and catch up with the lottery numbers and hope that you have struck a prize.

Keeping the same numbers for each draw does technically provide you with better odds than if you were to experiment with your numbers. But, the difference in how likely you are to win the lottery are so miniscule that they are basically irrelevant.

This means that there is no better way to pick your lottery numbers. Simply pick what numbers you want to pick, and hope that the winning line happens to be identical to your line! is powered by Lottomatrix and licensed by the MGA. License number MGA/B2C/362/2016. Play responsibly. For help visit Players must be over 18.

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