Santa Delivers a SuperEnalotto Jackpot to Malta

‘Twas the night before Christmas and a €20,000 SuperEnalotto jackpot was causing quite a stir in one Maltese household.

On Christmas eve, on the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta, one happy player received the best present anyone could hope for, a lottery jackpot win! Four days later and he has only just got his breath back, so we met up with the lucky man in person to find out more about his big win.

Where were you when you found out the good news?

It was the day before Christmas, and I was exchanging presents at a lovely family lunch when I received a phone call from a senior member of the team. He told me that I had matched 5 numbers on SuperEnalotto and won a jackpot.

I completely froze, I couldn’t talk, I was literally lost for words. I eventually managed to compose myself and my first question was “How much?” When he told me it was €20,000 I was amazed. After I finished the call, I checked the SuperEnalotto numbers just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, and I had indeed matched 5 numbers and bagged a jackpot.

How did your family react?

After I double checked my numbers, I ran inside straight away and screamed “I’ve won the lottery!” Of course they were all completely bewildered, but very happy and excited when the news sunk in.

My young son said “If you had matched all the numbers and won the top €75 million jackpot, would you have bought me a new iPhone?” I told him that if that had happened I’d have bought him an entire Apple store!

How did you choose your numbers?

I always choose my numbers through the random Quick Pick feature on site. In the past when I have chosen my own numbers, I have never won anything. I only ever win when my numbers are selected at random.

Have you decided what you’re going to spend it on yet?

Yes, I have just bought an apartment so the money will be put to good use renovating that. I might also concede myself to the luxury of some new clothes.

Why do you choose to place your lottery bets?

The site is very easy to use. It’s clean, looks very professional, and the fact that they are regulated lets me know that I’m working with a reputable, smart and efficient outfit. The transactions are fast and straightforward, and I like the email confirmations I receive, they let me know that everything has been processed smoothly. I especially love the “Congratulations, you’ve won” emails!

Do you have a message to lottery fans out there hoping for a win?

Hang on in there because your turn might be next. The odds still baffle me, you don’t expect for a second that you’ll be a big winner, but it does happen. I’m proof that you have to be in it to win it. I took the chance and 4 days later I’m still in shock at how lucky I am.

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