Lucky Day: Summer Spike Play Demo

Lucky Day Summer Spike
Win up to €50,000!
Celebrate summer with some sun, fun and scratch cards worth up to €50,000!

Lucky Day: Summer Spike Help and FAQs

How do I play?

To play, first purchase a scratch card (or more). Once you have purchased your scratch card/s, the game will display how many scratch card you have under “Scratch cards Remaining:”.

Once you hit play, the panels are activated and the game has started. Move the cursor over the panels to reveal the value. You may also ,click reveal all and the volleyball symbols will burst one by one in a summery yellow burst.

How do I win?

If three symbols match, the cash value associated with those symbols will be won.

How much can I win?

This is a “Match 3 of 9” game where a player can win one of the prizes in the paytable. The values behind each volleyball symbol dynamically change for every game based on the below paytable.

What are the chances of winning the top prize?

The odds of winning the top prize on this scratch card are 1 in 7,000,000. A full breakdown of all the prizes available for each tier, together with the odds of winning is included in the paytable below.



Odds of winning



1 in 5



1 in 10



1 in 20



1 in 78



1 in 438



1 in 1,750



1 in 46,667



1 in 466,667



1 in 3,500,000



1 in 7,000,000


How much does it cost to play?

This scratch card costs 0.50 to play.

How will I know if I have won?

If the card wins, the amount won will be displayed in a blue message box right above the "Reveal all" button.