Our Mega Mystery Bonus promo is live with a $140K cash fund to share and you can join in the fun for a chance to land a share.

Every day, 14 daily bonus rounds will share out a total of $3.5K and you too could try playing for one! If you want a chance to maybe land one of the $250 daily shares, then you simply need to play at least 1 real money bet of $1.

Will you try to snatching a share?

The Mega Mystery Bonus promo will be live from the 6th of June till the 15th of July at 23:59!

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These Special Promotional Terms apply

  • The Mystery Bonus promotion will run from 6th June 2024 until 15th July 2024, 40 days in total (“Promotion Period”).
  • The Mystery Bonus will be active every day for the duration of the Promotion Period during the following hours: 18:00 – 01:00 GMT time, 7 hours in total (“Promotion Hours”).
  • The Mystery Bonus will simultaneously be active on the following games - Jumanji: The Bonus Level Live, Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live, Spin a Win, Mega Fire Blaze Roulette Live, Football Roulette, Sticky Bandits Roulette Live ("Promotion Games").
  • Available to all customers, who will place a total bet of at least $1 on one of the Promotion Games during the Promotion Hours of the Promotion Period of the Promotion Period.
  • During the Promotion Hours of the Promotion Period, 14 bonus rounds will take place, and players will have a chance to win a part of a shared prize of $250 in cash per round by placing a total bet of at least $1 on one of the Promotion Games.
  • All prizes will be paid in cash.

    Player Journey:
    - Player joins one of the Promotion Games during the Promotion Hours of the Promotion Period.
    - User interface elements notify player that the Mystery Bonus is active during the Promotion Hours of the Promotion Period.
    - Player needs to place a total bet of at least $1 on one of the Promotion Games in order to get a chance to be eligible to participate in the bonus round. For the avoidance of doubt, higher bets do not change the player’s chances of winning a share of the bonus round prize. Placing a bet does not necessarily guarantee the participation in the bonus round unless the bonus round is triggered on the specific Promotion Games where player is present.
    - RNG bonus round is triggered randomly on one of the Promotion Games during the Promotion Hours of the Promotion Period and displayed in the user interface 14 times per day on different Promotion Games with a shared prize amount of $250 in cash per bonus round.
    - In the bonus round, only one out of all straight-up betting positions is picked by RNG system and highlighted in the user interface in only one out of all Promotion Games.
    - If the player has a bet placed on the betting position picked by RNG – player receives a share of the bonus round prize as detailed below. The prize is divided equally between the winning players of that round.
    - Player gets the prize within 72 hours.
  • Prize Distribution:
  • Date
    Round Amount
    Round Prize
    Daily Prize
    06/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    07/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    08/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    09/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    10/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    11/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    12/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    13/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    14/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    15/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    16/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    17/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    18/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    19/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    20/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    21/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    22/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    23/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    24/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    25/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    25/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    25/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    25/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    25/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    25/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    25/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    26/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    27/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    28/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    29/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    30/06/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    01/07/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    02/07/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    03/07/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    04/07/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    05/07/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    06/07/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    07/07/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    08/07/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    09/07/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    10/07/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    11/07/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    12/07/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    13/07/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    14/07/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    15/07/2024 14 $250 $3,500
    Total prize:

  • All prizes will appear in USD. The winning players will be paid their share of the prize according to the currency of their account in accordance with the exchange rate applicable on the day of payment. The licensee bears no responsibility for any exchange rates or conversion rates.
  • Players who are eligible for the prize will receive a personalized message after the bonus round. All prizes will be distributed evenly between the winning players of each bonus round. Winners shall receive the prizes within 72 hours of winning.
  • The winning players shall be solely liable for any relevant taxes, if applicable, in order to legally claim the prize. The licensee bears no responsibility whatsoever for any wins\losses as a result of prize won by the players.
  • Player is solely responsible for the activity that occurs on his\her account, and for keeping his\her account password and login credentials secure. Player may never use another person’s user account or registration information for the promotion without permission.
  • Player must notify licensee immediately of any change in his\her eligibility to participate in the promotion, breach of security or unauthorized use of his\her account. Player should never publish, distribute, or post login information for his\her account. Player shall have the ability to delete his\her account, either directly or through a request made to one of licensee’s employees or affiliates.
  • The licensee will not be liable for any reason if the promotion is unavailable at any time or for any period. From time to time, the licensee may restrict access to the promotion to registered users.
  • In the event that a winners’ account has been closed (by the player) prior to the award of the prize, reasonable efforts will be made to contact the prize winner via email or other method.
  • In the event that a winners’ account is deemed to be ineligible (for example found to be underage, or invalid id or verification), the Provider reserves the right to withhold payment of the prize and if necessary award the prize to an alternate entrant.
  • PUBLICITY: By accepting a prize, player grants to licensee and its affiliated companies, the right, except where prohibited by law, to use your name, likeness, picture, address (city and state), e-mail address, voice, biographical information and written or oral statements, for advertising and promotional purposes in promoting or publicizing licensee and its products or services, without compensation unless required by law. Player shall have no right of approval, no claim to compensation, and no claim (including, without limitation, claims based on invasion of privacy, defamation, or right of publicity) arising out of any use, blurring, alteration, or use in composite form of your name, picture, likeness, address (city and state), email address, biographical information, or entry. The rights granted under this paragraph shall extend to submissions and all other submitted materials related to the promotion, including those submitted by non-winners and winners.
  • If an act, omission, event or circumstance occurs, which is beyond the reasonable control of the licensee, and which prevents the licensee from complying with these terms and conditions, the licensee will not be liable for any failure to perform or delay in performing its obligation.
  • The licensee reserves the right to amend or cancel this Promotion or amend these Terms and Conditions: without notice if the change or cancellation is a result of any legal or regulatory change.
  • These terms and conditions are governed by English law and the parties both agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.