Lucky Day: Cheltenham Champions Demo

Lucky Day: Cheltenham Champions
Vinci fino a €50,000
Jockeys to the starting line - get ready to race and you might win up to €50,000 on this fantastic day at the races!

Lucky Day: Cheltenham Champions Help and FAQs

How do I play?

Playing Lucky Day: Cheltenham Champions is easy. All you need to do is buy 1 scratchcard or more. Once you buy the scratchcards, the game will display the number of cards remaining under "Scratchcards Remaining": on the bottom left side of the game window.

How do I win?

A grid of nine champion’s trophies will be displayed and each hides a cash value on the front. When revealing the trophies, if three of the cash values match, the cash value associated with those symbols will be won.

How much can I win?

This is a "Match 3 of 9" game where you can win up to 50,000 and there are 10 prize tiers that you can land.

What are the chances of winning the top prize?

Well 1 in every 7,000,000 will win the 1st Place trophy and that could very well be you, you’ll just have to try your luck to find out though.


Prize Tier Odds of Winning Amount

Tier 1

1 in 5


Tier 2

1 in 10


Tier 3

1 in 20


Tier 4

1 in 78


Tier 5

1 in 438


Tier 6

1 in 1750


Tier 7

1 in 46,667


Tier 8

1 in 466,667


Tier 9

1 in 3500000


Tier 10

1 in 7000000


How much does it cost to play?

1 scratchcard only costs €0.50 to play.

How will I know if I have won?

the amount won will be displayed in the Result area right above the "Scratchcards Remaining" display field.