Football fans can now participate in our sensational Football Fiesta for a chance to win a share of the €100K cash fund.

You will earn points based on the win-to-bet ratio of each winning spin. To start earning, first open one of the featured games and “Join” one of the tournament stage leaderboards. You can join any of the stages without having to compete in the previous stages.

Once you join a tournament stage and start playing, it will not automatically add you to the other tournament stages in the other games. You will need to join a tournament stage in each game that you play to earn points from it.

Only the first 5,000 spins on any of these games will earn you points.

The Football Fiesta promo will be live from the 14th of June till the 14th of July at 23:59!

Qualifying Games

Click here to see all qualifying games

Win criteria

Win-to-bet ratio

Stage Dates
Group Stages 14th June to 26th June
Round of 16 14th June to 26th June
Quarter Finals 3rd July to 6th July
Semi-Finals 7th July to 10th July
Finals 11th July to 14th July
Per Leaderboard

€100,000 given out per leaderboard

Rank Amount
1st €10,000
2nd €7,500
3rd €5,000
4th €3,000
5th €2,000
6th - 10th €1,000
11th - 50th €500
51st - 100th €200
101st - 250th €50
251st - 500th €20
501st - 1000th €10
1,001st - 5,000th €5
  • The promoter of this Network Football Tournament Leaderboards (the “Promotion”) is LottoMatrix Operations Limited with registered address at Level 3, 10 Lapsi Street, St. Julian's, STJ1261, Malta (the “Licensee”).
  • Promotion Duration: 00:00CET 14th June 2024 to 23:59CET 14th July 2024 for a total of 31 days
  • The Promotion consists of 5 (five) network leaderboards, with dates listed in the table below.
  • The total prize fund for the Promotion is an estimated amount of EUR 500,000 in cash.
  • Each leaderboard will pay out an estimated amount of EUR 100,000 in cash.
  • The amounts are estimated and may be more or less depending on currency conversions, as well as numbers of players.
  • Each leaderboard will pay out up to 5,000 players.
  • Participating players will be paid fixed cash amounts as detailed in the prizes table below.
  • Winnings from this Promotion will have no wagering requirements and can be withdrawn immediately upon crediting by the Licensee.
  • To take part in the Promotion, the player must open a participating game and “Join” a network leaderboard.
  • The player must join each network leaderboard individually. Opting into one leaderboard will not automatically gain entry to other leaderboards in the Promotion.
  • There is no minimum bet for a player to take part in the Promotion.
  • After joining each Leaderboard, the player will be able to play 5,000 spins that will count for points earning purposes.
  • If a player leaves a leaderboard and rejoins, they will lose their earned points total and will not be allowed any extra spins towards the Promotion.
  • Results for each Leaderboard will be available to players approximately 15 minutes after the leaderboard finishes.
  • Each leaderboard will take the players top 25 individual scores as the players’ final points total. Any other points earned will be disregarded.
  • In the event of a tie on points, the player who has the most remaining events available will be considered the higher-ranking player. If players are tied on both points and events, then whoever achieved their score first will be considered the higher-ranking player.
  • Points will be awarded based on the win to bet ratio of each individual spin. For example:
    Player stakes £2 and wins £100
    100 / 2 = 50 Points
    Player stakes €10 and wins €15
    15 / 10 = 1.5 Points
  • To receive a prize, players must have a point total greater than or equal to one (1)
  • Only game rounds played on the following games will earn points:
    - Cash Collect:
    - Football! Cash Collect
    - Football! Cash Collect PowerPlay
    - Mega Cash Collect: Queen of the Pyramids
    - Cash Collect: Sahara Riches
    - Cash Collect: Leprechauns Luck
    - Mega Cash Collect: Silent Samuri o Fire Blaze
    - Blue Wizard
    - Big Circus
    - Red Wizard
    - 3 Wizards
    - Wild Pistolero
    - Gold Trio: Football
    - Flaming Bars - with Football Modifier enabled
    - Oink Oink Oink
    - Gold Hit
    - Dragon Bonanza
    - JP Bacon & co
    - Lil Demon o Age of the Gods
    - God of Storms
    - King of Olympus
    - Age of the Gods
  • Key Dates
  • Stage
    Player Opt-in 14 June 2024 00:00CET 14 July 2024 23:59 CET
    Leaderboard 1 14 June 2024 00:00CET 26 June 2024 23:59 CET
    Leaderboard 2 27 June 2024 00:00CET 2 July 2024 23:59 CET
    Leaderboard 3 3 July 2024 00:00CET 6 July 2024 23:59 CET
    Leaderboard 4 7 July 2024 00:00CET 10 July 2024 23:59 CET
    Leaderboard 5 11 July 2024 00:00CET 14 July 2024 23:59 CET

  • Prize Breakdown
  • Rank
    Total Cost
    1 1 10,000 € 10,000 €
    2 1 7,500 € 7,500 €
    3 1 5,000 € 5,000 €
    4 1 3,000 € 3,000 €
    5 1 2,000 € 2,000 €
    6 - 10 5 1,000 € 5,000 €
    11 - 50 40 500 € 20,000 €
    51 - 100 50 200 € 10,000 €
    101 - 250 150 50 € 7,500 €
    251 - 500 250 20 € 5,000 €
    501 - 1000 500 10 € 5,000 €
    1001 - 5000 4000 5 € 20,000 €
    Total 5000 100,000 €

  • For users with different account currencies, the following conversion rates will be used:
  • Currency
    1 EUR
    EUR 1
    GBP 1
    MXN 20
    CAD 2
    COP 4000
    BRL 5
    USD 1

    In the event of significant currency fluctuations, Playtech reserves the right to alter the above conversions.
  • Players in the following countries may not participate:
  • - Russia, Portugal, Italy, Czechia, the United States of America, Switzerland, Malaysia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Sweden, Lithuania, Turkey, Denmark, and Latvia.
  • To be able to play at Licensee it is necessary to be 18+ and not be prohibited from participating in gaming activities for any reason.
  • Licensee and/or any third-party providing services to Licensee in connection with this Promotion (the “Third Party”), reserve the right to exclude players that participate in the Promotion with multiple accounts.
  • Licensee and/or any Third Party, reserve the right to disqualify players if they reasonably suspect that collusion or other abusive strategies takes place. Players must comply with the eligibility requirements of these terms and conditions. Licensee and/or any Third Party, reserve the right to withhold any prize won by anyone whom Licensee is aware or have reasonable grounds to believe is ineligible.
  • Employees, any family members of employees, of Licensee and/or Licensee’s Group (as defined below), and/or their agents, may not take part in this Promotion.
  • Licensee and/or any Third Party, reserve the right to amend or cancel this Promotion or amend these terms: (i) without notice if the change or cancellation is a result of any legal or regulatory change; or (ii) for any other valid reason by giving you notice in advance of the change, provided that such change or amendment shall not have a detrimental effect on players that have already participated in the Network Football Tournament Leaderboards pursuant to this Promotion.
  • These terms and conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of London, England.
  • These terms & conditions are additional to the standard terms & conditions for the participating website, and by participating in this Promotion all entrants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these terms and conditions.
  • Rights of players: Individuals have the right to access, rectify, and erase their data. Players will be able to make requests to utilise their rights under applicable laws, via the Licensee.
  • “Licensee’s Group” means, in respect of the Licensee, its ultimate parent company, together with every direct or indirect, subsidiaries and affiliated companies of that ultimate parent company, and their respective successors and assigns.