The September Power Weekends are here! Every weekend is a different set of games with a fresh theme for you to try out and be in with a chance to win a share of the €750K cash fund.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, a €50K fund will be shared out daily and each big win you land in the featured games will award you points to climb closer to a top prize!

Qualifying Games for the 5th Weekend
Daily Prize Pool
Win criteria

Challenges (Win Multiplier)


€50,000 in total across 2,000 cash prizes

Rank Prize
1 €10,000
2 - 3 €5,000
4 - 5 €1,000
6 - 10 €500
11 - 30 €100
31 - 100 €50
101 - 200 €200
201 - 2000 €10
351 - 650 €50
Win Multiplier
Win criteria

A win multiplier is calculated as the total win divided by the total bet for each round


A player will be awarded points for every big qualifying win.

Multiplier Points
Win 5x 10
Nice Win 15x 50
Mega Win 30x 100
Superb Win 45x 200
Sensational Win 60x 500

This Month's Weekly Schedule

  • This Network Promotion is operated by Pragmatic Play. As such, the prize pool is shared across the network of Operators who opt in this Network Promotion.
  • To participate in any Weekly Prize pool in the Network Promotion, players must open any of the participating games and join/opt in.
  • The total expected prize pool for the entire Network Promotion is Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand Euros (€750,000).
  • The expected prize pool for each week of the Network Promotion is One Hundred Fifty Thousnd Euros (€150,000).
  • All prizes won during the Network Promotion Term must be paid out as a fixed cash amount prizes with no wagering requirements.

  • How to participate:
  • 1. A player must join /opt-in to any of the participating games.
    2. A player must place real money bets in the available currency on any participating game.
    3. A player will receive points based on the total amount of points received based on In-game wins multiplier.
    4. The higher the total value of the points received by the player for in-game wins multiplier, the higher the player’s score would be.
    5. The prizes will be distributed to players based on the final score displayed on the in-game leaderboard by the end of each September Power Tournament.

  • Tournament Prize Table
  • Rank Prize
    1 € 10,000
    2 -- 3 € 5,000
    4 -- 5 € 1,000
    6 -- 10 € 500
    11 -- 30 € 100
    31 -- 100 € 50
    101 -- 200 € 20
    201 -- 2000 € 10

    General Terms and Conditions
  • Pragmatic Play’s “September Power Weekends” promotion (the “Promotion”) comprises of fifteen (15) daily tournaments (each a “September Power Tournament”) which shall run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the Promotion Term.
  • The Promotion Term is divided into five (5) weeks, where each week includes three (3) daily September Power Tournaments, which will run from every Friday at 00:01 CEST to every Sunday at 23:59 CEST in the participating games.
  • In order to participate in any daily Summer Power Tournament, a player must join/opt-in in any of the participating games. 
  • In order to be eligible to participate in the Promotion, a player shall be required to play using a real money spin under the following conditions:
  • All spins in the participating games will be considered eligible for the Promotion (hereinafter a “Qualifying Bet”).
  • A Qualifying Bet shall render a player eligible to participate in the September Power Tournament.
  • The Promotion’s mechanics are described below:
  • - Each calendar week within the Promotion’s Term includes three (3) daily September Power Tournaments.
    - The leaderboard in the Promotion is ranked in accordance with the score, which is based on the total amount of points received based on the in-game wins multiplier.
    - A player will be awarded points if he/she places Qualifying Bets, and the win multiplier (win multiplier is calculated as total win divided by total bet for each round) is equal or greater to the win multiplier values in the table below (for example, a player places a €2 bet on any of the participating games and wins €200, in this example, the win multiplier of the qualifying bet is 100 (200/2=100) and the player will receive 500 points).
    - The configured win multiplier means the exact number and any higher value up to the next tier.
    Win Multiplier Points
    Win 5x 10
    Nice Win 15x 50
    Mega Win 30x 100
    Superb Win 45x 200
    Sensational Win 60x 500
  • Expected weekly prize pool: €150,000 in cash.
  • Expected total prize pool: €750,000 in cash.
  • Prizes will be paid out as per the ‘Prizes’ tab in the participating games or in the table above these Terms and Conditions. 
  • Prizes in the September Power Tournament may be won by players in the form of cash amount as set out in the September Power Tournament Prize Table.
  • In the event that two (2) or more players finish any September Power Tournament with the same number of points and in the same leaderboard position, the player who has achieved the score first will receive the higher prize. 
  • Pragmatic Play reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel September Power Weekends, including any related terms and conditions, at any time. Any such amendment will not affect players that have opted-in unless the amendment is required to manage